Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

1. October 2016. Young persons causing widespread crime and disorder in King Street, South Shields (NPT contact Pc 8761 Lough)

“What you told us”

A number of youths are gathering in large numbers in King Street South Shields focusing on McDonald’s restaurant. They are causing widespread crime and disorder, this is happening most evenings and is much worse on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"What are we doing about it”

The local Neighborhood Policing Team (NPT)  are working alongside partners to address, disperse and educate local youths. By working with local businesses, the Metro Unit and the council the NPT will carry out additional patrols to deter, prosecute and issue dispersal notices. 

Outreach workers are being employed to engage with the youths and offer alternative entertainment .

"Keeping you informed”
The Neighbourhood Policing Team will keep the community updated through Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings.  For more information on the meetings contact the team on 101 ext 65359. 




Priority 2

Priority 3