About My Role

PC Ivan Hart

10 PC Ivan Hart

My name is Ivan Hart I am the Neighbourhood beat manager covering Newbiggin by the Sea.

My main responsibilities include:

  • Providing a focus on visible, reassurance based uniform patrolling.

  • Identifying and implementing problem solving initiatives using our resources and other relevant resources.

  • Liaising with the Community intelligence officer’s to identify local crime and disorder trends and produce and implement solutions to these.

  • Maximising multi-agency problem solving opportunities and partnership working with local agencies.

  • Deployment of Special Constables, Community Support Officers and other resources as appropriate to maximise visibility and reassurance in a given sector.

  • Speak at or make presentations to meetings/forums, as appropriate.

  • To provide a proactive resource to support the Community Inspector's targets and priorities.

Since becoming a Police officer in 1996, I have worked in the Newcastle North area and North Tyneside area of Northumbria Police as a uniformed officer and on specialised teams such as community action teams and neighbourhood teams. 

I have worked closely with the community to tackle and solve problems, to help improve the quality of life for residents of the respective area.  I have also worked as a seconded officer with the United Kingdom Immigration Service.  Assisting in the investigation and removal of failed asylum seekers. 

I am enjoying the opportunity to work closely with these communities and engaging with other agencies to tackle and solve problems affecting the quality of life in the area.

I am keen to build close ties with the people who live and work here.  So please get in touch if you have any policing issues you wish to bring to my attention.


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