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April 2017

Rural Crime - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Rural Crime - You Said

Residents across the Rothbury, Alnwick, Amble and Rural Morpeth sector have raised their concern directly to the police, via Farm Watch, through their Parish Councils, and at recent engagements event in relation to rural theft and poaching.

Rural Crime - We Did

Reassurance & crime prevention visits have been, and are still on going, to speak to farmers and rural businesses.

Specific points of contact have received additional training regarding powers under poaching and wildlife legislation.

Officers have been directed to ensure high visibility patrols in the target areas.

Positive action has been taken against offenders. Joint operations with key stakeholders are planned across the area.

Information has been sent out via Farm Watch to raise awareness in relation to suspicious incidents reported.

Road Reassurance/Speeding - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Road Reassurance/Speeding - You Said

Speeding motor vehicles still remains a Neighbourhood Priority as a result of correspondence from residents across the Rural villages of Alnwick, Morpeth and Rothbury sector villages raising concern in relation to speeding motor vehicles travelling on our roads through the same towns and villages across the sector. 

Road Reassurance/Speeding - We Did

Alnwick, Amble and Rothbury Neighbourhood Team implemented Operation Asphalt to work with HMR Custom and Excise officers and VOSA across the sector to conduct checks on vehicles which would reveal any:

-       Road traffic infringements

-       Gather intelligence

-       Prevent or detect crime or disorder

During the operation a number of vehicles were checked for offences ranging from a trailer being scrapped, another trailer was over laden and un-road worthy,  illegal number plate, and prohibition notices issued by VOSA.

No vehicles tested positive for red diesel.   

On 15/11/16 Rothbury Neighbourhood Team held a drivers awareness event in conjunction with Northumbria Fire and Rescue, Northumberland Community Safety Partnership and local schools in the advent of the festive season.

The event was aimed at young inexperienced drivers from the ages of 14years old upwards.

The event was extremely well attended by over a 100 people throughout the evening.

The Event focussed on the effects of alcohol, inexperience, speed, drugs and distractions on a drivers ability, capability and competency.

The impact of the effects on the driver, passenger’s,  family, friends and colleagues; work, insurance; physical and emotional lasting effects was also covered.

There was a film, crash simulator, beer goggles and other visual aids to get the message across to young drivers and prevent an accident.

Anti-Social Behaviour - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Anti-Social Behaviour - You Said

Residents in the Alnwick sector have complained about anti-social behaviour and litter in and around Alnwick Town Centre Bus Station

- Youths are attracted by the  free WI-FI from Arriva Buses and local Supermarket Morrisons

- Youths throw litter on ground and around

- Groups of Youths make bus service users feel intimidated and fear for their safety

- The general appearance of Bus Station was unkempt and not an inviting location for residents and tourists to town

Anti-Social Behaviour - We Did

A number of different measures were considered, taken and implemented which have assisted to reduce the disorder in this location.

-       Northumberland Community Safety and Alnwick NPT conducted a survey of service users and reviewed complaints to NCC, Police, and Alnwick Town Council to target resources at key times and identify offenders. 

Behaviour of offenders was tackled by

Dispersal Notices issued to offenders

Criminal Behaviour Order granted on Christopher Cooke at Bedlington Magistrates Court on 18/01/17

ASB letters were sent to parents

The location was targeted and measures considered:

Dispersal Notices for area on identified problem dates / times were issued to disperse youths from the area

No Loitering Notices considered to be erected by Arriva – not appropriate within context of tenancy

Signage erected by Northumbria Police and NCC – area being monitored by Police and NCC for ASB and Crime  

Stencil on pavement re dangers of alcohol and alcohol related crime and disorder – in conjunction with CAP

Arriva was asked to switch WIFI off on their buses to prevent attracting youths to station to use but this was not practically possible

Morrisons have been asked to switch WIFI off after 18:00 to prevent attracting youths to station to use. They are still in consultation with their HQ as the WIFI is a customer service and controlled from HQ.

Arriva were asked to review cleansing dates / time for peak foot fall as the station was not cleansed at weekends and take away boxes were over flowing from bins on Sundays; this has been reviewed and changed to cover weekend.

Arriva and Alnwick Council have reviewed number and size of bins to cater for quantity of litter and size of take away boxes.

Local take- aways have been sent a letter to put names on take-away packaging to id those who are littering and provide additional bins on Saturday nights and identified at BH Sundays


A Stakeholder meeting was held to discuss the Bus Station by Police with Arriva, Community Safety, Youth Project, Morrisons.

The outcome is that Arriva have installed CCTV in the Bus Station with supporting notices. (System to be integrated in the Alnwick Town Council CCTV in Spring 2017)

This has reduced disorder, fear of crime, litter problem, and reported incidents.

There was a joint media release to Northumberland Gazette  on 15/12/16 and Alnwick Town Council update 16/12/16