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Inconsiderate Driving - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Inconsiderate Driving - You Said

A part of Seatonville Road in Monkseaton is being used by drivers as a short cut in the mornings causing a danger to road users, pedestrians and school children.

Inconsiderate Driving - We Did

  • The local Neighbourhood Beat Manager has liaised with local residents and North Tyneside Council about the problem.

  • North Tyneside Council has erected signs on Seatonville Road informing road users that it is not a through road.

  • The local Neighbourhood Beat Manager has increased patrols around the area resulting in a number of motorists being warned about ignoring traffic signs. Repeat offenders have been reported for the offence and consideration is being given to taking them to court.
  • Residents have contacted the police to offer their thanks for the continued effort and support of the Neighbourhood Policing Team in addressing the issue.

Anti-Social Behaviour - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Anti-Social Behaviour - You Said

There is an increase in juvenile disorder in Marden Quarry. 

Anti-Social Behaviour - We Did

  • The Neighbourhood Policing Team has increased high visibility patrols in the Quarry aimed at deterring people from behaving in an anti-social way and reassuring those residents who enjoy the area socially.

  • This will stay as a priority patrol area particularly for the Community Support Officers.

  • There has been a recent reduction in calls relating to the Quarry in relation to anti-social behaviour.

  • As a result of extra police patrols two youths have been arrested in the area for possession of drugs.

  • Officers from the neighbourhood team have targeted the area extensively which has led to a reduction in the amount of reports of anti- social behaviour that have been received by the Police. Officers will continue to patrol the location at key times to prevent any re-occurrence.

Litter - We Asked

What are your concerns in your community?

Litter - You Said

Litter around Whitley Bay town centre in the areas of South Parade and the Promenade, particularly over the weekend period. 

Litter - We Did

  • Joint patrols were conducted by Sgt Mal Wallace and local authority staff to assess this matter resulting in more stringent cleaning practices being adopted.

  • Owners of town centre bars have also been sent letters advising them of this issue and reinforcing the need for premises to monitor cleaning methods around their own business.