Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

May 2017 - increase in youth related disorder within the Denton Burn/Slatyford area.

Keeping you informed

During the darker nights in Autumn reports of ASB increased as groups of youths began to gather on the fields at the Burn and to the garage area to the rear of West road. Evidence suggested that many of the young people came from further afield and had arranged to meet via social media.

Many residents reported ASB with some damage to fencing, residents’ windows and bus shelters.

The garage area to the rear of west road and the Slatyford medical centre became a popular gathering point again with significant numbers of ASB incidents being reported with youths also climbing onto the garage roofs.

Halloween and bonfire night were particularly busy with up to 30 -40 youths gathering and causing significant disorder.

Some of the youths have been identified as was a local dwelling where they were meeting. Action is being taken against the tenant.  

Working with our partners a number of additional measures are being considered including the fencing off of the nearby electricity substation, shuttering the garages bays and the use of anti- climb grease.

The use of overt CCTV cameras will help identify offenders.

The Northumbria police mounted section are also conducting patrols in the area.

Extra foot patrols have been put in place and we will be patrolling in conjunction with staff from local schools to try and engage/identify and divert the young people.

All legal and legislative options such as the use of police dispersal notices are being considered.

Officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team attended the recent Ward Meeting at Denton Burn Library to update residents on what action was being taken to address this issue.  An information sheet was also prepared so that residents could take this home with them.