Neighbourhood priorities

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The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:

May 2017: Motor cycle and youth disorder centring around the area of Bedale Green, Penshaw Green and Grasswell Drive, Kenton

Keeping you informed

During the month of March 2016 there were 11 calls in regards to motor cycle disorder around the area of Bedale Green and the surrounding streets. These reports were mainly been between 1 PM and 5 PM with the concentration being around the weekends but also there have been reports throughout the week. The bikes are believed to be coming from the Cowgate Estate and there are two main bikes involved.

This priority has remained for six months. In the past month there has only been one specific call in regards to Motorcycle disorder not in the specific are above.

There have been no specific calls to the Police in regards to disorder in Bedale Green, Penshaw Green and Grasswell Drive. There has been once call during the month for disorder by youths in the area however feedback from the local residents is that the issues has died down.


This priority was kept on due to a person having moved into the area. It was considered that they may caused issues in the area however they have since moved out.