Neighbourhood priorities

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The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:

May 2017 - Anti Social Behaviour

What you told us

There has been alcohol and youth related ASB within Blakelaw, particularly the 165 Estate, Blakelaw Park and Blakelaw Tower Blocks (Moorland House, Brockwell House and Beaumont House). As a result this has been a Neighbourhood Priority area for a significant period of time.

Keeping you informed

During the month of November 2016 there have been a number of calls in regards to disorder in the Blakelaw area. There have been a couple of calls to the Blakelaw park area. There have been a number of fires reported in the park mainly on Bonfire evening in the vicinity of Craigmiller Close. There has been one further call for youths hanging around next to the Rumana restaurant. 

There is also extensive work being carried out on the 165 Estate which includes scaffolding on buildings. This tends to lead to disorder. There have already been reports on youths on scaffolding.

However, the main increase in regards to disorder is in the Multi storey blocks of flats. There has been an increase in reports8 in total, of youths gaining access to the blocks either by following occupants in or being let in. They are creating a mess, disturbance and littering in the blocks. We have already identified some of the persons responsible and they are being visited at home. The residents are being reminded to make sure the doors are secure and not to let unauthorised persons into the block.

This issue will be worked on with our partners to eradicate the problems in the Multi blocks and Blakelaw. It will remain a priority for this month.