Neighbourhood priorities

Anti Social Behaviour

We are pleased to report that there has now been a reduction in youth related antisocial behaviour and this in part due to sanctions imposed by the courts in respect of some prolific young people who caused considerable concern during the Spring of 2018.


We have not solved all ASB and we recognise that youth related ASB, sometimes alcohol related is a concern for all residents and it does have an effect on public confidence.


Reports in Kingston Park and Regent Centre have dropped but we continue to address concerns around Wansbeck Road.


A core group of  young offenders have all now faced prosecution for their behaviours with one young person (already subject to a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO)) receiving a short term of imprisonment for continued offending. Another young person is due in court where a CBO will be applied for.


We would like to reassure residents that your Neighbourhood Police Officers are working closely with Newcastle Community Safety Officers, our Newcastle ASB Lead, Youth Services, Nexus and Ward Councillors to bring resolution.


There are various methods of intervention outside of the Criminal Justice System which support our aims to reduce youth ASB and these young people are now introduced to those processes. This is in addition to formal actions by police.


Support and understanding from the public is crucial. To successfully bring a young person to account does require the support of witnesses.


Neighbourhood Officers are investing much patrol time targeting “hotspots” and intervening before crimes and ASB are being reported by the community.


The summer term is upon us and we are already planning for the Darker Nights – Halloween and Bonfire Night.

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