Neighbourhood priorities

We asked, You Said, We did

How we have addressed the local issues you raised with us.

We asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

You said

Members of the public contacted police reporting incidents of youth disorder in Kenton.  These incidents occurred in Kenton Bar estate and Kenton shops on Halewood Avenue. The kind of behaviour generating these complaints varied from youths fighting, drinking and behaving in an anti-social manner.

We did

  • We increased our patrols in the Kenton area at key times and visited shop owners in order to reassure and provide a visible presence in order to deter trouble makers.
  • To address the behaviour of youths, positive action was taken.  Both police and police community support officers obtained personal details from youths suspected of being involved in disorder.  The youths were spoken to in front of their parents. A graded response process exists which is agreed by Northumbria Police, Newcastle City Council and Your Homes Newcastle to deal with anti-social behaviour. This ranges from warning letters being sent to the parents of children involved in ASB to an application through the courts for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.  Persistent offenders are also subject to potential tenancy enforcement action if they live in social housing.

  • We worked closely with our partners on the ‘Safer Darker Nights’ campaign. The aim was to reduce disorder as autumn turned into winter and included the Bonfire Night activities. 



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