Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

JULY 2017 : Concerns regarding uninsured/antisocial riding of motorcycles and driving of cars

What you told us:


Concerns from local residents and from reported incidents regarding motorcycles/cars being driven uninsured and/or in an anti-social manner.


What are we doing about it:


Neighbourhood officers and CSOs make patrols and enquiries to deter such driving and to identify the vehicles and drivers/riders concerned.

Thirty-five S.165 uplifts have been made since April of vehicles driven/ridden in this way in order to remove such vehicles from the road. That activity will continue along with prosecutions for motoring offences that are made out against drivers/riders identified.

July 2017 : Walker motoring concerns

What you told us:


Concern regarding the excessive speed of motor vehicles on roads governed by 20mph speed limits and inconsiderate parking around school entrances & crossing points at start/finish times.


What we are doing about it:


Neighbourhood officers will continue to monitor traffic and use technical equipment to identify those drivers exceeding speed restrictions,  and with CSOs give regular attention to the roads around our schools to address inappropriate driving/inconsiderate parking in those areas.