Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

May 2017 – Burglary

What you told us 

Residents have reported concerns over burglary.


What we are doing about it


Police are warning residents in Heaton to lock their doors after a number of recent burglaries. 

In the last seven days there have been a number of reported burglaries to homes across the Dene ward. 

The majority of these homes have been left unlocked and unsecured, meaning the burglars were easily able to get inside the properties and help themselves to peoples' items. 

Enquiries are ongoing into these incidents however officers are warning  homeowners to lock their windows and doors and make sure their homes are secure, even when inside the house. 

Burglars are currently active in the Heaton area of Newcastle and are specifically looking for houses that have doors or windows left unlocked and open. An open door is like an invite for a burglar and allows them to be in and out of a home in minutes. 

Please lock your doors and your windows overnight when you go to bed. Always lock them when you leave your home, even for just a short while, and also consider making sure doors are locked when you are inside your home, as we have seen incidents where burglars have struck while the victims have been in other parts of the house. 

Just locking a door or window could be the difference as to whether or not you are targeted by a burglar. So these really simple steps could make all the difference. 

We are speaking to people and knocking on doors in Heaton and reminding people to protect their homes. If anyone has any information then please contact us on 101 quoting Operation Diamond.


Keeping you informed 

Northumbria Police is committed to keeping our communities safe and make you aware of local incidents and current news. 

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