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‘Community Opportunity’ is a new initiative by the force to enable the community to gain a practical insight into the nature of police work and improve trust and confidence within our communities. 

Examples of how you can be involved in your community :

Example 1

You are concerned about youths hanging around at a bus stop outside your home, you are too intimidated to go out and walk past them. They are there at the same time everyday. You have contacted your local neighbourhood policing team but feel like nothing has been done about the issue,.

You have been invited to attend a local community meeting but do not want to go alone.

How could you be involved in ‘Community Opportunity?’ 
If your neighbourhood inspector feels it is suitable you could be invited to meet with the youths to talk about your concerns and the affect it is having on you. You may also be invited to accompany an officer to a local community meeting. If appropriate the officer will ensure you are picked up and dropped home safely and accompany you throughout the meeting. The officer will be on hand to explain everything that is discussed to you and answer any concerns you may have.

Example 2

Local school children use an alley next to your house as a short cut to school. They are dropping litter which is making the area look untidy.

How could you be involved in ‘Community Opportunity?’
You may be invited to attend a meeting with the local neighbourhood policing team and partner agencies – such as the school, local businesses and the local authority to find out what is being done about the issue. You may also be invited on patrol with the local neighbourhood team to see how they engage with young people and encourage them to respect the area.

Example 3


You are concerned motorists are driving too fast along your road, children are often out playing in the street and you are concerned there will be an accident. You don’t feel anything is being done to tackle the issue of speeding.

How could you be involved in ‘Community Opportunity?’
Community Speedwatch schemes take place across the force area. You could be invited to see the work our volunteers do to improve road safety and how they work with police to make roads safer. They will be able to show you average speeds of motorists, how many warning letters have been issued and what is done with the data that is collected.