Community reassurance after 'hotspots' leak

09 Nov 2017 12:00 PM

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Northumbria Police and Newcastle City Council are aware of a post currently circulating on social media about Community Intelligence and Sexual Exploitation ‘Hotspots’.

These particular premises and public ‘hotspots’ have been identified as potential vulnerable areas for these types of crimes and together with local authorities we aim to ensure crime prevention and safeguarding policing are put in place.

Officers will be contacting these, and other, locations to discuss how we can work with communities to keep the public safe and protected.

Detective Superintendent for Safeguarding, Mick Paterson said: “The prevention of sexual exploitation is a top priority for Northumbria police and we work tirelessly with local authorities to develop our relationships within the community to ensure public safety.

“Community engagement and identifying ‘hotspots’ are two of the forms of policing we use to maximise the safeguarding of potential victims.”