Carer convicted after stealing from vulnerable victim

20 Apr 2017 08:27 AM

Convicted Caroline Johnson [View Full Size]

A woman has been convicted of theft and jailed for 16 months after cruelly stealing money from a vulnerable and elderly woman she was paid to look after.

Caroline Johnson, 41, of Plessey Road in Blyth, Northumberland, worked for a company providing care in the community.

She was employed as the carer of a 92-year-old woman diagnosed with dementia, who also had sight and mobility issues.

Over an 18 month period (December 2014 to July 2016), Caroline befriended the woman working in her home on an almost daily basis. The victim had no close family nearby and heavily relied on Caroline for her day-to-day care.

Caroline began to take advantage of the elderly woman, using her bank card to withdraw cash from the bank machine and using her bank card in a variety of local shops to buy goods and claim cash back, which she pocketed. She even used the victim's bank accounts to pay for her own mobile phone, gas and electricity bills for her home address.

During the 18 months Johnson systematically stole over £21,000 from the woman. She even helped the elderly woman transfer £10,000 from an ISA into the woman's current account as her funds were being depleted by Caroline's crimes.

The thefts continued up until the day before she was arrested, when Caroline stole £800 from the account. By August last year Caroline had stolen the woman's life savings leaving her with just £198.

Johnson pleaded guilty to theft and on Tuesday, April 18, was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court.

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