What would be the response of Northumbria Police in the event of a major incident or large-scale public emergency?

Northumbria Police has a leading role to fulfil in emergency planning, as defined by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

The force is classed as a Category 1 responder, which means it will be one of the first emergency services to be called into action in the event of a major incident involving large numbers of people.

The force has its own Major Incident Plan which details how it fulfils its duties as a Category 1 responder. It also has an active role in preparing, co-ordinating and participating in exercises designed to test the efficiency and flexibility of various aspect of the plan, in conjunction with the other emergency services and partner agencies.

The force is also an active participant in the Northumbria Local Resilience Forum and all sub groups, to ensure that there is effective communication and co-operation between the agencies and that an integrated emergency response is provided to the community.

Business continuity is another aspect of emergency planning - looking at how an organisation can continue to provide services to the public in the event of an significant emergency or prolonged disruption. This is also a statutory requirement from the Civil Contingencies Act.

Northumbria Police works with police forces and other agencies throughout the country to improve business continuity and emergency planning and to share good practice, to continually improve the service provided to the public. 

Dated: 01 May 2012