The Court Has Ordered Cafcass To Do A Report – What Information Will They Get And Can I See It?

CAFCASS stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.  They are often asked by the Court to provide a report especially where the court needs to make a decision about where a child should live or who they should have contact with or how much contact they should have. 

CAFCASS will usually ask the police to provide relevant information to help them with this.  The information that is given to CAFCASS is not given to the people involved with the case or the judge but you will get the report that they write that will include some information about what the police have provided. The information CAFCASS gets is any information held by the police about the people involved if it shows that there might be a risk to the child. 

They would usually get the previous convictions and cautions of the people involved too. If CAFCASS have been asked to write a report you do not need to make a separate application for disclosure if you do, you will be charged for that information.

Dated: 01 Jan 0001