FeedbackYour feedback is important  and you have a right to complain

Northumbria Police has voluntarily signed up to the Best Use of Stop & Search Scheme. We are committed to listening to feedback from communities and ensuring that when we use this power it is justified, people are provided with good information and we treat everyone with dignity and respect.

If you are unhappy with how you were treated, you can complain. You can also complain if you feel you were treated differently because of your race, age, sexuality, gender, disability, religion or faith.

It will help if you keep the form that the police gave you.

Northumbria Police receive very low numbers of complaints linked to Stop & Search, but does recognise that if used inappropriately, Stop & Search can lead to tensions in communities. Every complaint therefore will be treated as a "community trigger", and will be reviewed by the Independent Police Complaints Scrutiny Panel.

Once a complaint linked to a Stop & Search is recorded, it will be brought to the attention of the Area Commander with responsibility for that policing area. The Strategic Lead for Stop & Search would also be informed and would, on consultation with the complainant, bring the issues to the next Strategic Independent Advisory Board for consideration of any wider community issues.

The conclusion of the community trigger, including any learning and development will be communicated back to the community using our well-established forums.