Target shooting

Good reason

In the case of target shooting, an applicant needs to demonstrate “good reason” for the Dsc0032firearms requested. “Good reason” can only be satisfied by the applicant being a full and active member of a Home Office approved club (probationary membership is not acceptable) and the club must be approved for the use of the firearms requested in the application.

It is legal requirement that firearm certificates issued for target shooting show the name of the principal Home Office approved club to which the certificate holder belongs within the conditions of the certificate.

This does not mean, however, that the firearms authorised can only be used at that location, since certificate holders may be members of more than one club, and may be involved in competition shooting at other venues.

When applying for a firearm certificate, applicants should bear in mind that they should only apply for:

  • The number of firearms that they can store securely

  • The authority to acquire the number of firearms which they intend to use and are able to use, on a regular basis

Home Office requirement

It is a requirement that Home Office approved clubs keeps a record of attendance by their members and the weapons that they use. Clubs are also required to notify the police of those members who have let their club membership lapse or who have not attended in a twelve month period. 

Therefore, unless there are extenuating circumstances, this could mean that if a certificate holder were to fail to attend the shooting club regularly, or did not use all of their firearms regularly, good reason for all or some of the firearms held on their certificate could be called into question. This could perhaps ultimately lead to the full or partial revocation of the firearm certificate.

In respect of Section 1 ammunition it is usual only to allow possession of the same calibres as the firearms possessed or to be acquired, and it should be noted that ammunition must also be stored securely within a separate lockable container.

When good reason has been satisfied and all other enquiries have proved satisfactory a firearm certificate will be issued showing the firearms which are authorised to be purchased.  The certificate will also bear conditions showing the purpose for which the firearms are to be used.