How to report things to Facebook

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Reporting specific issues

How do I report inappropriate or abusive things on Facebook ?

How do I report an abusive message?

How do I report a fake account?

What do I do if someone is pretending to be me on Facebook?



Report an Impostor Account



How to report things to Twitter

How to report a safety issue on Twitter

Reporting specific issues 

Reporting Abusive Behaviour

Reporting private information posted on Twitter

Flagging media violations in Tweets

Reporting a Tweet or direct message for violations

Reporting spam on Twitter

Reporting impersonation accounts 


How to report things to YouTube

Advice on staying safe on YouTube

Reporting specific issues 

Flagging Inappropriate Content

Using the Reporting Tool 

Other common apps and services


Community Guidelines

Guide For Parents

How to report things to Snapchat

Reporting Inappropriate Content

Report Harrassment

Report Spam

Report Impersonation

Report Hacked Account

Report Another Abuse or Safety Issue


How to report things to LinkedIn

Report an invitation to connect that contains spam

Report spam posted on someone's network

Report profile images

Report inapproproate or inaccurate content on a profile

Report discussions or comments that are inappropriate

Report Groups that violate the user agreement

Report suspicious messages claiming to be from LinkedIn

Report any threats made against you by another LinkedIn member


How to report things to Pinterest

Account Security and Hacked accounts


How to report things to Flickr 

Frequently Asked Questions - Safety

How to report things to


Other places you can report things

If a crime has been committed

If you believe a crime has been committed you should report it to the police, either by:

  In an emergency always call 999.