Boat security

An image of a boat

  • Never leave valuables on show. Always keep property out of sight and securely locked away, and never leave items on the deck or in the cockpit area

  • Always make sure your engine key is not left unattended in the ignition and your boat is locked and secured when no one is on board, even for a short time

  • Always use strong padlocks or rim locks on entrances or hatches, with anti-theft devices fitted to outboard motors. Make sure your boat's security is well maintained and iIf something is broken, fix or replace it as soon as possible

  • A good idea is to have an alarm fitted, which should be visible as an added deterrent

  • Make sure your property is permanently marked and easily identifiable, as this increases the chance of recovery and makes the items marked less desirable. Advice on postcoding is available on the 'Property marking' pages

  • Remove any electronics ( GPS, Depth sounder etc ) when leaving the boat for any length of time if possible

  • Keep curtains or shutters closed to prevent people looking inside the vessel

  • For advice and a current database of stolen boats visit Stolen Boats

  • Most boats are stolen from their trailer rather than the water so wheel clamps and trailer serial numbers should be considered

  • The Home Office, HPI Ltd and Marine Federation have a joint property identification scheme to mark new and old boats with an electronic tag containing a unique 14-digit Hull Identification Number (HIN). For details on Boat Mark call 01722413346.

If you live or keep your boat in the Northumbria Police area you can contact the Marine Section at Viking Park and register your boat’s details.