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Moving Home

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Moving house can be an exciting but some what stressful time. However, when you prepare to move home there is so much to think about to make sure everything goes well. Burglars know this and may be on the lookout for a chance to commit a crime. Whether you are renting or buying, your chances of being burgled are higher when you move home. However, by following a few simple pieces of advice you can reduce this risk.

We hope you enjoy your new home.

Before the Move

  • Make sure you can trust your estate agent, removers and other trades people, and that they are a member of a professional organisation or association. Take notice of personal references.

  • Only pass your keys to some one your sure that you can trust and ask them to return the keys as soon as they have finished with them. Do not hand out more sets of keys than you need to.

  • Only allow someone to view your home if they have made a pre arranged appointment via your estate agent

  • Ask your estate agent to confirm all appointments with you and to provide the names of those attending

  • Ensure they are careful about what information they give out about you and your home

  • If you have a For Sale sign displayed, if possible, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your home while you are out

  • Notify all Utility Company’s , Credit Card Company’s , Banks and other organisations who hold your personal details of your new address and date of move well in advance, to prevent any personal details being forwarded to the incorrect address.

  • Make sure your home contents insurance will transfer when you move.

Moving Day

  • Keep your possessions secure by asking friends and neighbours to help by keeping an eye on your home or belongings. Take special care with valuable items such as televisions or DVD players / recorders

  • Keep all doors locked (don't forget the garage, shed or patio doors) or keep an eye on them when they are not in use

  • Make sure your removers secure their vehicle and it is not left unguarded or unlocked when not in use.

After the Move

  • Do not leave empty boxes outside your new home – they can give away details of new and valuable equipment, which may be worth stealing

  • If your belongings are property marked with your old house number and postcode, make sure that you change it to your new house details. Keep a list of all marked items and think about photographing your valuable items

  • You may want to consider changing the locks at your new home so you are certain that you are the only person with keys to your home

  • Get to know your new neighbours as soon as possible and think about joining your local Neighbourhood Watch. Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team can advise you about this. You can find out about your local Neighbourhood Policing Team and how to contact them at the Your Neighbourhood section of our website.