Security Lights

A house at night with a single light on.A security light fitted to a house.A path leading up to a house with a street light on.

Using properly fitted and well positioned external lighting outside your home can be an excellent deterrent to burglars and other unwelcome visitors.

There are various types of lighting on the market:

  • Dusk ’til Dawn Lighting – this is the preferred method of externally lighting your home. The lamp stays on during the hours of darkness and goes off as it starts to get light.

  • Timer Operated Lighting – can be programmed to switch on lights externally for set times.

  • Manually Operated Lighting – allows you to switch on for short periods i.e., when someone is at the front door.

  • Movement Sensor Operated Lighting – the most common form is a PIR (passive infra-red receiver) operated tungsten halogen lamp.

The position of your external lighting is also very important to your level of security.

  • Lights should be pointed down so that they only shine on your property. if they shine on or through neighbours windows it is considered a form of pollution.

  • Security lights can be easily tampered with from ground level so position then high enough so that they can’t be reached.

  • Place one light by your door to allow you to clearly identify anyone who comes to your door.