Community Resolution

Community ResolutionA new way of tackling minor crimes has been introduced throughout Northumbria Police.

Community Resolution is an alternative way of dealing with less serious crimes, allowing officers to use their professional judgement when dealing with offenders. It can be used for offences such as low level public order, criminal damage, theft, and minor assaults.

Community Resolution will enable victims to have quick resolutions and closure to their crime, offenders will receive speedy justice and there will be reduced bureaucracy for police officers.

Why is it being introduced?

Community Resolution has been piloted in West Midlands, Staffordshire, Surrey and Leicestershire, where they have seen a rise in public satisfaction with the way police deal with less serious crime.

Thousands of crimes have been dealt with using this system.

It’s also been very favourably received by officers as it allows them to deal with low level crime by 'doing the right thing' as opposed to being driven by a sometimes lengthy legal process.

Officers will use their professional judgement, taking into consideration the offence, the victim and the offenders history, to decide whether Community Resolution is the right way to deal with the crime.

The offender must admit the offence and agree to participate in the process. The victim will also be consulted and given the opportunity to say how they would like the matter resolved.

Resolutions can include the offender being given advice about their behaviour, apologising or sending a letter of apology to the victim or possibly making some form of reparation, like repairing or paying for any damage done.

For more information on Community Resolution, use the map tool on this page to contact your local neighbourhood team.