Bonfires  - Go to an organised event!

Some people build bonfires on open land, if they do this before November 5th their bonfires will be removed

Only build a bonfire if:An image of a bonfire

  • You’re an adult

  • It’s been agreed with the Fire Service and Council

  • You have followed the bonfire code 

  • If the bonfire code has not been followed the fire service can and will put the bonfire out

Bonfire Code

  • Only build your bonfire on the 5th November

  • Contact the Fire Service to confirm your bonfire location

  • Site it at least 18 meters from buildings or trees 

  • Do not build beside electricity or telephone lines

  • Have enough helpers and equipment

  • Height must be less than 3 meters and half the width of the base

  • Only burn wood, paper/cardboard and foliage 

  • Build to collapse inwards as it burns

  • Check for animals and children before lighting

  • Keep spectators a distance of at least 6m away

  • Ensure fire is out and inform the Fire Service when it is out 

  • Check the fire again later

Please contact your Local Authority or Fire Service for further advice.