Honour based violence

What is honour based violence?

Honour based violence is a violent crime or incident which may have been committed to protect or defend the honour of the family or community.

It is often linked to family members or acquaintances who mistakenly believe someone has brought shame to their family or community by doing something that is not in keeping with the traditional beliefs of their culture.

For example, honour based violence might be committed against people who:

  • become involved with a boyfriend or girlfriend from a different culture or religion

  • want to get out of an arranged marriage

  • want to get out of a forced marriage

  • wear clothes or take part in activities that might not be considered traditional within a particular culture

Honour based violence

The term “honour crime” or “honour-based violence” embraces a variety of crimes of violence (mainly but not exclusively against women), including assault, imprisonment and murder where their family or their community is punishing the person.

They are being punished for actually, or allegedly, undermining what the family or community believes to be the correct code of behaviour. In transgressing this correct code of behaviour, the person shows that they have not been properly controlled to conform by their family and this is to the “shame” or “dishonour” of the family.
Keeping a victim of forced marriage safe following a disclosure of Forced marriage whatever someone’s circumstances, the victim has rights that should always be respected such as personal safety and accurate information about their rights and choices.

Practitioners should listen to the victim and respect their wishes.
Disclosures of forced marriage should not be dismissed as merely a domestic issue – for many people, seeking help from an agency is a last resort and therefore all disclosures of forced marriage should be taken seriously.
Involving families in cases of forced marriage may increase the risk of serious harm to a person.

Honour Network
The Honour Network is a project designed to support victims and survivors of forced marriage and honour based violence.
0800 5999 247

A help line established by Cleveland Police which now includes Northumbria Police and Durham Constabulary that is staffed by specially trained staff where advice and support can be obtained in relation to forced marriage and honour based violence.
0800 5999 365

The Halo Project is a new and innovative project based in the North East of England, which will support victims of honour based violence and forced marriages by providing appropriate advice and support to victims. The programme of work with key partners will also provide required interventions and advice necessary for the protection and safety of victims.
01642 683 045