Advice for victims -if you have decided to leave


If you have decided to leave:

  • Arrange for a place to go.  It is best if this is a place your abuser does not know about.  Remember friends might sometimes be reluctant to help you in this way because they are afraid for their own safety.  If you need somewhere to stay at short notice you should contact Refuge and Women's Aid direct which can provide refuge facilities in most areas. There is also a list of refuges in the region. You can stay there for a few days or even months, to give you time to consider your future.  You should also pre-plan childcare resources if necessary.

  • Safety precautions are crucial.  Personal protection devices such as locks, alarms and mobile phones can be helpful.  Be vigilant about your personal safety and if possible always travel with a friend or colleague.  Tell your neighbours, employers and schools about injunctions that are in place and ask them to tell the police if the abuser is seen near to your home.  Let your children’s schools know who has the authority to collect the children.

  • Many forms of harassment, intimidation and abuse can continue after you have left.  Call the police on 101 or your solicitor if this is happening. In an emergency phone 999.