Mobile Phone Crime Prevention

This is a storyboard transcript to complement the Mobile Phone Crime Prevention Video.

Man at table with mobile phone
In the past ten years mobile phones have revolutionised our lives. It’s hard to remember how we arranged to meet friends and keep in touch without a phone in our pocket or bag.
Police officer talking
Losing a mobile or having it stolen can be very distressing. They contain a lot of personal information – not just phone numbers but often personal messages or photos of loved ones.
Mobile phone on tabletop
Thankfully, by taking a few simple precautions, you can stop your phone going mobile without you.
Close-up of police officer
Firstly, you should always be aware when you use your phone. Make sure you use it when and where it is safe to do so and be aware of those nearby.
A mobile phone and newspaper on a table top
If you’re in a public place, like a bar or restaurant, don’t leave your mobile on show. It can be convenient to leave it on the table top but it just takes a second for a thief to swipe it and run off.
Marking a mobile phone with an IMEI number
To help get your phone back to you if it is stolen and recovered, make sure your mobile is marked and identifiable. Use a permanent property marking pen to mark the battery and phone.
A screenshot of the Northumbria Police website
And when you buy your mobile phone, always register with the operator and note down your IMEI number, which is unique to your phone and can help you recover it. More information on how to find this is on our website
A screengrab of the immobilise website
You can also register your phone for free on the Immobilise website. This means the police are more likely to be able to return your phone to you if it’s lost or stolen.