Car Security Crime Prevention

This is a storyboard transcript to complement the Car Security Crime Prevention Video.

An image of a woman leaving her vehicle.

It’s something many of us have done at some point – you’re in a hurry and you’re just nipping into the shop for a pint of milk.

An image of valuables left on show inside a vehicle.

But take a moment to think about what you’ve done and the opportunities you’ve just presented to a passing criminal.

An image of a car being locked using a remote key.

Open doors are an open invite – always lock your car, even if you’re only going to be a matter of seconds.

An image of valuables and shopping bags being placed securely in the boot.

Don’t leave valuables on display. Store things like music players, removable stereos and even CDs out of sight. In the boot is best as it is more difficult to get to. The same advice applies to any shopping you may have, keep it out of sight rather than on the back seat.

An image of a sat-nav system left in the window of a parked car.

Sat-navs are increasingly common but are also tempting to thieves as they are easy to take and easy to sell on.

An image of a sat-nav system being removed from display.

Whenever you leave your car as well as taking out the device, also remove the cradle and rub off any sucker marks on the windscreen which can be a tell-tale sign.

An image of a secure car park.

If you’re going to be leaving your car for a while think about where you park it. Is the area well-lit, are there plenty of people around, can you see any CCTV in the area – these are all things to look out for.

An image of a security camera in operation at a secure car park.

If you have a computer you can also go online and search for the PARKMARK scheme which lists car parks in the area that have met the highest security standards.

An image of a woman returning to her car to find it has been broken into.

By following this advice you can go a long way to to stopping yourself from crying over spilt milk.