Policy Details

Worklife Balance

Dated: 20 Feb 2014


POLICY TITLE: Work-life Balance


AUTHOR: HR Policy and People Development Team

CONTACT DETAILS: Customer Service Helpline 101, ext 64111


AIM OF POLICY: To promote family friendly / work-life balance options for staff and officers.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: It briefly outlines the options which may be available to staff and officers in relation to work-life balance working practices.

REASON FOR POLICY: To abide by equality legislation and ensure consistency across the Force.


Northumbria Police is committed to creating and retaining a diverse, effective and flexible workforce and becoming an employer of choice. As a diverse employer, Northumbria Police understands and appreciates that the needs of its staff can differ, and therefore a range of work-life balance options have been implemented to help all officers and staff achieve an appropriate balance between work, religious beliefs and domestic responsibilities. Importantly, this policy is underpinned by the Code of Ethics which details the principles and high standards of behaviour expected from all staff and officers working for Northumbria Police.

Northumbria Police will offer the following:

  • Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave.
  • Various flexible working options which include reduced hours and term time working etc.
  • Short notice leave, parental leave, time off for dependants and a Childcare scheme.
  • Compassionate, bereavement and terminal illness leave.
  • Career breaks and unpaid leave, where officers and staff have the opportunity to take an unpaid break, with a conditional guarantee of re-employment. Staff and officers can take the time to care for family members or other dependants, or use it for personal development.
  • Various retirement options to support the needs of staff and officers.
  • Working from home, where it can be accommodated, as a short term measure in exceptional circumstances. (Managers will take advice from the Human Resources Service Centre prior to agreeing this arrangement. Agreement will also be subject to appropriate Health and Safety and Data Protection considerations.)

The patterns and expectations of working life are constantly changing; Northumbria Police recognises this and will continue to implement and develop family friendly working practices which reflect and support the different lives and responsibilities of our officers and staff.


SOURCE DOCUMENT: Discrimination legislation.

GROUPS AFFECTED: All officers and staff.