Policy Details

Maximising Positive Media Relations

Dated: 30 Mar 2015


POLICY TITLE: Maximising Positive Media Relations

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Corporate and Strategic Services

AUTHOR: Corporate Communications Manager, Strategic Corporate Communications Department

CONTACT DETAILS: 101 Ext. 69841


AIM OF POLICY: To maximise engagement with all sectors of the media. To build trust and confidence in the community and reduce crime and disorder.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: Northumbria Police is committed to working in partnership with the media and developing a mutual understanding of each others needs to allow the force to take every opportunity to promote positive coverage of policing.

REASON FOR POLICY: To encourage all officers and police staff to engage with the media.


Northumbria Police will identify opportunities to work in partnership with all sections of the media to:

  • Help prevent crime and disorder and in doing so reassure the public.

  • Help bring offenders to justice.

  • Release information that is in the public interest and provide open and transparent responses.

  • Support the principle of 'Open Justice' - that justice is done and seen to be done.

It is recognised that the media is an important channel of communication that can help in the prevention and detection of crime and disorder. The media also play an important part in public reassurance and confidence.

Northumbria Police will promote a culture where officers and police staff are encouraged to, and are confident about, working in partnership with the media to help build trust and confidence in communities.

To achieve this objective, everyone will:

  • Accept opportunities to explain police action to the media unless there is a clear operational reason not to do so.

  • Actively seek opportunities to promote their work to the community via the media and on-line channels.

  • Use media communication in the prevention and detection of crime.

Openness, accountability and honesty will underpin all of the Force's decisions about the release of information both proactively and reactively.

This policy takes into account the recommendations made by The Leveson Enquiry.

Strategic Corporate Communications Department will drive this policy, providing area commands and departments with professional advice, support and guidance.


GROUPS AFFECTED: All officers and staff


This instruction is designed to avoid discrimination and in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998 and its underlying principles.