Diversity & equality in our workforce

Encouraging more of our staff to register details about their marriage and civil partnership, gender, race, age, religion or belief, pregnancy or maternity, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, or a disability is a current priority for the Force.

This will assist us to better understand the diversity of our workforce with the aim of introducing measures to help us recruit and retain a workforce representative of our local community.

To support this aim, we are looking to improve equality monitoring through reviewing the current processes within the Force from application through to exit to ensure captured data is recorded and acted upon where necessary. 

Our internal and external engagement framework includes individuals who represent as far as practicable the views of groups underrepresented within our organisation.

Members of our Support Groups are instrumental in helping us understand the diverse needs of our workforce.  Their feedback is translated into actions and drives our activity. 

We also work with members of our Strategic Independent Advisory Group and external organisations such as Disability North, Angelou Centre, MESMAC etc. to improve the way we promote our policing services to our diverse community and inform them of career and employment opportunities with Northumbria Police.

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