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Tenprints is where the hundreds of fingerprint forms sent to the bureau each day from custody suites are processed.

The bureau holds some 700,000 fingerprint forms, and each set of fingerprints is also fed into the IDENT1 database.

IDENT1 is the central national database for searching and comparing the fingerprint details of offenders.

It replaced the National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS) and works in partnership with Livescan technology which scans finger and palm prints electronically without the need for ink and paper.A handprint

All 43 forces in England and Wales and the Scottish forces are linked to the database which contains more than eighteen million records.

Fingerprints are checked against the IDENT1 database to establish identity and the master record is updated if the newly taken fingerprints are of better quality.

The person's details are also checked, as the bureau updates the PNC.

All permanent Northumbria Police custody suites are equipped with the electronic Livescan system so suspects’ fingerprints can be checked against IDENT1.

Livescan can also be used by custody officers as a way of identifying the person in front of them.

It takes between two to five minutes to do a search on a set of Livescan fingerprints.

Livescan can also be used to help identify fingerprints left at historic crimes.